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Team Bocce


Time to round up your workmates and get your teams together for the 2015 Bocce Team Challenge! Brought to you
 by 'Life. Be in it.’ in conjunction with Fuji Xerox the Bocce Team Challenge is the perfect opportunity
 to finish the working week and get out of the office, the shop or even the building site, and into the sunshine, to 
 enjoy a fun relaxing challenge that is suitable to people of all ages, fitness and abilities.
2 great venues -  Kingston Beach Rotary Duck park -every Thursday
                        -  Parliament House Lawns - Salamanca every Friday
When - From 4.30pm
Prizes - yes, we will have regular prize give aways


How to Play Bocce .......
The game starts with two teams tossing a coin.
The winner of the toss bowls the jack into the furthest end of the court and plays the first bowl. The opposition then attempts to place their first bowl even closer to the jack.
Throughout the game the bowl (ball) closest to the jack has the advantage (holds the point) and their opponents are committed to then continue until they either gain the advantage (hold point) or have used all the bowls available to them.
When both teams, (or all players) have played all their bowls, the score is taken. The team with the bowl closest to the jack has the advantage scoring one point for each of its bowls nearer to the jack than the nearest opposition bowl. For example, in the diagram (Left) the red team would score 1 point and the green team would not score any points.
The game alternates end to end until a set number of ends have been played. The team who has scored the most points is the winner.

You can have from 2 players to 4 players and as many substitute players as needed to cover shift workers, sick days and holidays.
Get your entry in early to avoid missing out.  Team numbers will be limited for this fun and innovative program.

Need more information.  Please email us at info@tas.lifebeinit.org
Or call our office on 6229 5600




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