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The Hobart Team Bocce Challenge is a great way to have some after work fun. This program is light hearted and should be enjoyed without worrying about too many rules.

As a result we have added these common questions and answers to help players out

What if we don't have 4 players?
We realise some businesses are small and may not have 4 people to complete a team. You just play with 2 or 3 and players take extra shots in lieu of the 4th player
If a player is sick can we substitute?
Yes, of course you can
We have never played before, can someone help us?
Yes, there will be people from Life. Be in it there every week to provide assistance if needed and also some help from members of the Hobart Bocce Association in the first couple of weeks. The first week will be a meet and greet session with nibbles and refreshments. This is your chance to meet other teams and get a feel for the game.
How do prizes work?
We will award a prize every week after the first week as a random draw prize.  Each prize is valued at $100.00 (approx.) and are from local businesses in the Hobart area. Each prize can be shared between the 4 players in a team.
We will also have  atrophy prize for the best team after the 6 week competition has concluded.
Where should we meet?
Head to the lawn area of Salamanca and we will be easy to find. Parking is in Salamanca or the Car park off Montpellier Retreat. Or walk down from the city and grab your car later
Who will be playing?
There will be a variety of teams from the Government sector, private industry, including builders, shop assistants, service industry staff and more. This will be a great way to meet other businesses through Hobart and maybe forge some important networks.
What do we bring?
Just yourself! 'Life. Be in it' will supply everything you need for a fun game of bocce
How long should it take?
Allow 30 minutes for each session. That way it will be relaxed and enjoyable, and will not feel rushed.
I still have more questions!!!
That's OK.  Just call 'Life. Be in it' on 6229 5600 or send an email to info@tas.lifebeinit.org and we will answer your questions ASAP
So grab a few friends, work colleagues and even family and join in the Team Bocce Challenge for 2013.


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