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The distances listed below are for the Bupa Kidfit Triathlon and are an indication only and will vary based on location.

As you can see the distances are nice and short and can be completed by most children of most fitness levels.

It is recommended that if planning to participate it is always best to do some lead up training with classmates, brothers and sisters or even mum and dad.

Also, don’t forget, the swim is never out of your depth and you can wade through the water should you wish to do so.


Race Distances      Swim               Cycle               Run

7 and 8 yrs                  25m                  1km                 400m

9 and 10 yrs                50m                 1.5km               600m

11 and 12 yrs             75m                  2.0km               1km

13 to 15 yrs               100m                  2.0km               1km



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