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Safety Tips


With any event like this you need to make sure you do the right things before hand to ensure that you are going to have a really great time.



Always train with someone.  It can be a friend, Mum or Dad or a brother or sister. If anything was to happen in training your friend will be there to help.  They can also provide much needed encouragement!


If riding your bike make sure you obey all the road rules, if you can, use a bike track or path.

Check your bike or have someone check it for you.  You need to look out for worn brake pads, loose cables, loose chain and steering. If you think your bike is due for a service please see one of our sponsors and mention you are in the Bupa Health Foundation Kidfit Triathlon and they will look after you.


When swimming, always swim along the shoreline if swimming at the beach. NEVER swim straight out from the shore as this could be very dangerous if you were to get into any sort of trouble.


When running just make sure you are aware of those around you.  Watch for cars entering or leaving driveways, crossing streets and intersections. When there are other users of the footpath make sure you give plenty of room.


On the day

On event day we will have full road closures at each event. However safety is still very important and it would be wise to read on to get all the information!


The Swim

For each event we limit the number of swimmers for each wave of participants. When you do hit the water be mindful that there will be others that will be swimming with you. When swimming, people wave their arms about and kick their legs, remember this is how we swim, and it is also the way people can get hurt. Keep your distance from one another and if you do accidentally get bumped or kicked  remember it is an accident and would not be intentional. Remember,  if you are uncomfortable with swimming you can wade through the water as it will only be at about chest to shoulder depth.


If at a pool event like George Town or New Norfolk, please make sure you look up and turn in the pool with caution.


The Bike

When you enter the interchange area take a few deep breaths and RELAX.  Compose yourself and start to get your bike riding gear on.  Start with your shirt, then your shoes and finally your helmet.  Make sure your shoelaces are tied.  Of all the accidents we have on bikes, shoelaces are the number one cause.  Loose shoelaces get caught in the chain and children do come off.


While we have full road closures, there are the unfortunate few who may disregard these closures as has happened on just one occasion. Keep an eye out for other riders and potential threats from motorists doing the wrong thing. Naturally ambulance, police and fire ALWAYS have right of way.


The Run

Not too much can go wrong on the run but things do happen.

As in the bike leg, make sure your laces are tied; there is nothing worse than tripping on a shoelace.  By now you are starting to get a bit tired and your steps may not be as strong as you would like.  This is the time when you may stumble, so keep a strong focus on what YOU are doing. Don’t worry about others.  If you need to walk for a bit  then walk. It is better to finish happy than finish sore.



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