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The aim of the Bupa Kidfit Triathlon and Teamfit Triathlon is to give children the opportunity to take part in a fun triathlon regardless of their individual level of fitness.  The Bupa Kidfit triathlon is designed around children participating, having fun, and through fun getting active. It is also a great way for families to interact and participate through training and on the day activities.

Even though you may never have done a Triathlon you can still enter.   The Bupa Kidfit Triathlon is for children of any fitness level or sporting background. We encourage all children aged from 7 years to 15 to take part. We even encourage children with a disability or special needs to be involved in this event. (Past years has seen participants in wheelchairs compete). We endeavour to include all children.

‘Life. Be in it’ is the manager of the Bupa Kidfit Triathlon with the fantastic support of the Bupa .  These two influential groups also are appreciative of the support of the many others who assist in this event from Local Government through to local Little Athletics clubs and Surf Life Saving Clubs and service groups.
The Kidfit Triathlon is an INDIVIDUAL event - that is the one person completes all three legs of the triathlon.  As you would see from the distances they are all very short and can easily be completed by most children. 


You can enter online, or you can download the entry form off the website and post or fax it into ‘Life. Be in it’ or ask your school for an entry form. All schools will be posted an information pack with entry forms that can be copied.  Entry forms will need to be returned to ‘Life. Be in it’ either by post, fax or as an online entry.

Remember it costs NOTHING  to enter the Bupa Kidfit Triathlon, it is free! However, if you are entering late there will be a $10.00 service fee per person. This only applies to entries received after the closing date and if there is capacity to accept further entries.

All children will receive a commemorative race number bib, participation certificate, bottle of water, plus all participants will go into a random draw for some great prizes including the possibility of bikes and or kayaks, at each event.

The Bupa Kidfit Triathlon event is not suited for a relay environment so sorry  you can’t enter as a team as the event has been designed so that all participants can safely negotiate each of the legs as they have been kept very short to allow for ease of participation.

For everybody's safety each venue will have a  limit on the numbers of entries.  Please make sure you enter early to avoid missing out.  This year we are working towards over 1500 children over the 5 Kidfit Triathlon events. 


1.   You will need to go to the registration tent / table and have your name marked off as a confirmed starter. This is essential.

2.   Each participant who had entered prior to closing date for entries will receive their information pack in the mail. For those entering late or on the day you will need to collect this pack from the registration table.

3.   The race bib number must be pinned to the FRONT of  the shirt you will be running in

4.   At the registration table you will be directed as to where to place your bike. Generally the younger age groups will be asked to rack their bikes first with older participants asked to place their bikes in the holding area or to wait with their bikes until called.                                         

You need to enter the bike rack area (transition) rack your bike at the correct age group. Place the rear wheel into the rack as directed by the course marshals then set up your shoes, shirt and anything else you think you will need for your event, make sure you place them as close as possible to your bike. Space is limited and we need to make sure you do not get in other peoples way. Once this is done leave the transition area and wait for your call up, this will be done by the MC on the day.

Only participants and ‘Life. Be in it’ helpers are allowed in the transition area. With younger participants this may be relaxed and 1 parent only will be permitted to help with shoes and helmets. Parents who are helping in this area (7 and 8 year olds only) must keep the area as clear as possible.

With Ulverstone and George Town we will have access to the Surf Life Saving Club and Pool facilities to enable you to get changed. At Blackman's Bay there are public toilets that will be available for use.

We have arranged a number of food options for you at each event. If the weather is warm there will be a water station at the start of the run leg. Each participant will receive a bottle of water form Hartz Water on completion . In Hobart we also have a BBQ selling sausages, hamburgers and cold drinks.  A commercial coffee van will also be in Hobart. The kiosk will be open at the George Town Pool for light refreshments and coffee. In Ulverstone there are a number of food outlets nearby.
There will be a large number of marshals out and about to make sure all participants complete the correct course. We also keep the route easy to follow and understand.

No traffic will be able to access the roads being used. We employ full road closures for all events to ensure the safety of all children. The only exception is emergency vehicles. If you do see an ambulance, police or fire vehicle please move to the side of the road and let them pass.

Make sure you leave your bag with your parent or guardian to look after for you. Bags are NOT permitted in the transition area.



Swim Leg (or wade)

It is encouraged that children swim where possible, but as participation is the focus, we encourage all non swimmers to enter this event and wade the entire swim leg if required. You do not need to be a swimmer to enter this event. Remember  you can SWIM OR WADE  water depth will be between shoulder and mid chest.

The swim will be at the New Norfolk pool, Lauderdale Beach, Ulverstone at Buttons Beach (Near SLSC), George Town Pool and Blackman’s Bay Beach (Hobart) 

The swim leg will start in small groups of up to 20 children (max.).  Each group will be in the appropriate age group and either by female or male. 
You will NOT be placed in a group of children that are older than you and each group of children started will be of similar abilities (swimming or wading).

What to wear: You need to wear bathers.  All other swimming items are purely for your own comfort.  Goggles, wetsuits and swim caps are your choice.  Flippers and snorkel are NOT allowed. See our item check list for further details.

Bike Leg

Many children and parents ask us what is the best bike to use -  Road bikes, BMX’s, Mountain Bikes etc are all used.  Whatever bike you bring as long as it is in  good working order it can be used.
If you need to  get repairs or maintenance done to your bike please use our local event bike sponsor. We ask that you use these stores for any maintenance as they are supporting you in the provision of some excellent prizes. In Hobart we reccommend Treadlies Bikes in Kingston

What to wear: You must wear a helmet, shoes (no sandals or thongs) and you must wear a top (shirt, rash-vest or similar) that is displaying your bib number. See our item check list for further details.

Once your event (age group) has completed the course the MC on the day will make a public announcement to notify you that it is OK to get your bike from the transition area. DO NOT COLLECT UNLESS TOLD TO DO SO - THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN AND OTHERS SAFETY.

Run Leg

What to wear:
All participants must wear shoes during the run leg. Thongs or sandals ARE NOT PERMITTED. Best to keep on the shoes you just rode in. As you will be running on a road there may be small sharp objects that could cut your feet. A top for the run is also essential, girls who are wearing a 1 piece bathing suit may wear this as their running top. Boys can wear a swim vest. See our item check list for further details.

THE  FINISH                                              
Once you cross the finish line you can then move to the refreshment area where you will be able to catch up with Mum or Dad and your friends to reflect on the great job you have done.

IMPORTANT - Information for Parents


Road Closures

            At each event there are road closures - please make sure you observe all directions from marshals. Our aim is to provide a safe and fun event for your child.  As we expect many people to come along we ask that all parents respect the road markings and do not park in areas such as over driveways, bus stops, areas where the road is closed and too close to corners. With our road closures we rely on the support of the home owners and residents who are inconvenienced and your assistance is appreciated.



            Only parents with children in the 7 and 8 year groups will have access to this area to assist with shoes and helmets.  The area is restricted to just 1 parent per child and parents must keep clear of any child participating and not to hinder their progress.  While never intentional it can be distressing for children trying to get past grown ups.


The Course

            Unless you have registered your interest in being a helper on the day, the course is OUT OF BOUNDS for all parents and spectators.  The course must be kept clear at all times.  There are plenty of areas to be able to observe the children as they progress their way around the course.


Arrival Time

            Please make sure you are there with plenty of time to spare. We have to run through a lot of information on the day and when there are over 500 children all wanting to register at the one time an early arrival is always helpful.


Finishing up

            At the conclusion of the last participant finishing is when we hold the random draw prizes - you must be in attendance to win.  So please make sure you do stick around as there are always great prizes on offer.


If there are any parents who would like to help they will need to contact ‘Life. Be in it’ and we can see if there is a suitable job for them.  We like to ensure that any helper is teamed with an existing official.


Still not sure?

Send an email to info@tas.lifebeinit.org or call 1300 73 83 63 (BH) and our friendly staff are ready to assist.


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